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WWJH PTA Reflections 2023-2024




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Help the Teachers Stock Up! 

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This 2023-24 school year, Westwood Junior High families can help support our school, faculty, and student programs by donating funds to our PTA through our WWJH PTA Fundraising Page.

Our fundraising goal for the 2023-24 school year is $7000. If 200 WWJH families give a one-time annual donation of $35, we can surpass our fundraising goal! Click HERE to donate!


Este año escolar 2023-24, las familias de Westwood Junior High pueden ayudar a apoyar nuestros programas escolares, docentes y estudiantes donando fondos a nuestra PTA a través de nuestra página de recaudación de fondos de la PTA de WWJH.

Nuestra meta de recaudación de fondos para el año escolar 2023-24 es de $7000. ¡Si 200 familias de WWJH dan una donación anual única de $35, podemos superar nuestra meta de recaudación de fondos! ¡Haga clic AQUÍ para donar!

Record Your Volunteer Hours! 

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What Counts as Volunteer Hours? 

Check out this Top 10 List 

Volunteer hours may be reported by parents, community members, and students. 

  1. Attended, helped, or planned: Multicultural Night, Picnic, Supply Sale, Membership Drive, Field Day, Book Fair, Tuesday Folders, Muffins for Mom/Donuts for Dads/Pastries for Parents, etc.
  2. Donated treats, set up, and/or supervised Holiday Parties or Teacher Appreciation events.
  3. Volunteered in the school library or cafeteria
  4. Chaperoned dances, prom, or other similar events
  5. Attended school field trips, including overnight trips
  6. Helped/Talked or all the above with  the WWJH ED Talks
  7. Served on their PTA Executive Board, including time spent preparing and executing their position's responsibilities
  8. Attended PTA Executive Board Meetings
  9. Attended PTA Membership Meetings
  10. Attended Parent Education or PTA Training, including LAUNCH








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