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Westwood JH - Bus Routes - 2016-2017

**Advise students to be at their stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up times**

The trips will deliver to the school at approximately 8:05am.


Route 8000 7:47am Bowie Elementary
  7:52am Brentfield Elementary
  8:00am Prestonwood Elementary
Route 8006 7:30am Greenwood Hills Elementary
  7:35am Northrich Elementary
  7:40am Prairie Creek Elementary
  7:45am Canyon Creek Elementary
  7:50am Mohawk Elementary
Route 8016 7:00am Terrace Elementary
  7:03am MST Elementary
  7:05am Mark Twain Elementary
  7:07am Jess Harben Elementary
  7:12am Whitehall & Buckingham
  7:16am Sherman & Buckingham (Woodwick Apt.)
  7:27am Floyd & Beltline
  7:31am Spring Valley & Weathered
  7:33am Waterview & Spring Valley
Route 8020 7:45am Towns & Schroeder
  7:46am Schroeder & Bunche
Route 8034 7:10am Lake Highlands Elementary
  7:15am Wallace Elementary
  7:20am Northlake Elementary
  7:25am White Rock Elementary
  7:32am Merriman Park Elementary
  7:38am Moss Haven Elementary
  7:45am Skyview Elementary
  7:50am Stults Elementary
Route 8053 7:00am Big Springs Elementary
  7:05am Yale Elementary
  7:10am Dartmouth Elementary
  7:17am Springridge Elementary
  7:25am O'Henry Elementary
  7:31am Whispering Hills & Bunchberry
  7:40am Walnut & Audelia
  7:49am Richland Elementary
Route 8061 7:28am Amberton & Greenville
  7:30am Amberton & Chimney Sweep
  7:32am Chimney Hill & Abrams
  7:34am Chimney Hill & Crosscreek
  7:36am Chimney Hill & Pleasant Valley
  7:38am Audelia & Chimney Hill
  7:42am 9773 Forest Lane
  7:44am Forest Lane Academy
  7:46am 9549 Forest Lane
Route 8063 7:30am Churchill @ North Central Expressway
  7:35am 12009 Coit Road
  7:40am Cloudus Field & Merit
  7:42am Churchill & Merit
  7:47am Alpha & Blossomheath
  7:50am Thistle & Meandering
  7:52am Brookgreen & Willowbend
  7:54am Willowbend & Carillion
  7:56am Spring Valley Elementary
Route 8064 7:35am 13447 N Central @ Vinnings Apts.
  7:41am Blossomheath & Red Fern
  7:43am Kit Lane & Emily
  7:45am Maham & Brookgreen
  7:50am 13980 Peyton @ Northwood Hill Apts.